parents room is located at the end of Fresh Food mall, under Centre Management and includes feeding cubicles, microwave and nappy change facilities.

Wheelchairs are available to assist with shopping within the centre - see Centre Management Monday to Friday or the Information Desk at the weekends from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

For wheelchair and walking frame access from both levels of the car park, use the lifts located on the north side of each level near the glass foyers.  The lifts provide access to the main mall level behind Mr John's Shoe Repair and to the mezzanine level next to Rebel & Service NSW.

A Telstra pay phone is located near the entrance and opposit Mr John's Shoe Repir & near Goldmark.

Email: rockdale@rockdaleplaza.com.au

1 Rockdale Plaza Dr Rockdale, NSW 2216